Career Mentoring

Instant Advice When You Need It

As an employee candidate, you are paired with a mentor — your career advocate — who provides you with guidance, training and overall support as you pursue your professional goals. Because career advocates are assigned only a small number of mentees, they have the time and enthusiasm to work with you in-depth and be available quickly to answer questions, talk through problems and discuss new career opportunities.

Our Mentoring Program Is Always Helpful

If you are not part of a mentoring program in your current position, becoming a Found employee candidate will prepare you to advance in your career more rapidly and with fewer missteps. But even if you are involved with a mentoring program on the job, becoming a Found employee candidate will still help: Our career advocates are 100 percent committed to you, whereas internal company mentors must balance company objectives with those of the individual.

Advantages of Found’s Mentoring Program

For many employee candidates, the first step in career mentoring is to help you figure out what your short-term and long-term career goals truly are. You may be bewildered by the sheer number of options. You may have been disappointed in a job you thought would be the perfect fit. You may be experiencing a change in life circumstances or outlook that is causing you to reevaluate your career plan.

Bringing clarity to your professional goals is our first and foremost goal. With clarity comes the confidence you need to separate yourself from the pack and demonstrate to potential employers that you are the right choice. Additional mentoring services fall into place from here, including:

  • Testing and assessments to ensure you have the professional skills necessary to succeed in your ideal job
  • Surveys of the market to identify specific job opportunities that best match your goals
  • Tactical guidance in conducting job interviews and other job-search activities

Don’t settle. Our mentoring program is designed to give you the foundation and motivation to move forward in your career and overcome whatever obstacles are in your way right now.

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