Grow Your Career

Found will accelerate your professional development and advance your career through our mentoring and advocacy services. As a Found employee candidate, you will be part of a closed talent network used by our partner organizations to hire their best employees.

Do You Need to Get Found?

If any of these situations apply to you, Found can help.

  • You’ve recently graduated from college but have little (or no) idea what kind of work you really want to do
  • You’ve taken a job to pay the bills, but the work is unfulfilling
  • You’ve just been skipping from one internship or entry-level job to another
  • You have a job in a field that seems right, but offers no opportunity to advance
  • You’re getting nowhere with job boards and other popular avenues for finding work
  • You want to carve out your own career path; do it your own way

How We Help You Succeed — Employee Candidate Services

We provide our employee candidates with a variety of mentoring services to help them quickly overcome all these frustrations. Working with Found, these three big things will happen:

  1. Personal attention. You will be assigned a Found mentor — a person who will be with you every step of the way until you’ve accepted the job offer you know is right for you. These mentors (or career advocates) are committed to helping you meet your professional goals, but are also unbiased, so you get the advice you really need.
  2. Career development. You’ll receive a variety of training services that, in truth, no serious job seeker should ever do without. These services include:
    • Personality assessments
    • Professional career mapping
    • Mentoring workshops
    • One-on-one guidance counseling
    • Access to educational opportunities
  3. A big edge in landing the job. As already mentioned, you will become part of our closed talent network, a portal used by our many partner organizations to find employees. Because we have gotten to know you, and because we have gotten to know our partner organizations, we are in a unique position to recommend a perfect match.

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