Professional Employment Services

Found is not a job board or a search engine; we are a professional mentorship team working with a dynamic group of candidates who are your future team members.

Why We’re Different

A Better Way
for Job Seekers

For our employee candidates, we are more than a resume builder, more than a job board, more than a boss. Instead, Found is a team of industry leaders dedicated to the personal development of individuals like you who are looking for an advocate to share in your personal career path.

Grow Your Career

A Better Way
for Employers

For most companies, staffing has become a treadmill, a grind, an exercise in frustration — you name it. For our partner organizations, Found is an alternative to the same old way of finding future employees. No more posts, no more competing against hundreds of other companies for the same candidates — instead, a fluid approach to talent acquisition.

Find Talent

Found — A Fresh Approach to
Specialized Talent Acquisition

Most firms in our business sector offer job placement services in every field. We offer a tailored recruiting environment, where we mentor and develop job seekers into candidates for specific industries — and by doing so, give our employer clients, our partner organizations, the insight and confidence they need to make the best possible hiring choices for their fields.

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What We Do

Found works with job seekers (employee candidates) to provide career coaching, guidance and training. Many of our employee candidates are recent college graduates, but all job seekers who want to improve their skills are welcome in our program.

Our employee candidates become a closed network of talent we make available to our clients (partner organizations). The advantages of tapping into our network include:

  • More insight on candidates from Found, as a result of our close and sustained mentoring relationships
  • New hires who are better prepared to succeed in their positions

While Found works with our partner organizations in many verticals, our areas of specialization are:

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Educational Services
  • Technology

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